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How are you responding to Covid-19?

We continue to maintain extremely high levels of hygiene and best practice in our preparation processes. We are hopeful that we will be able to continue operating as normal though should any difficulties arise with sourcing ingredients or logistics we will communicate with our customers in a prompt and transparent way.

Do you have an FSA food hygiene rating?

Yes, we are proud to report that our FSA inspection resulted in a rating of 5.

Are your kits nut free?

While we don't use nuts as an ingredient and we make every effort to avoid cross contamination, please be aware that these kits are created in a kitchen that handles nuts. Consequently they are not suitable for anyone with a severe nut allergy.

Do you cater for other dietary requirements?

We do our best to cater for various dietary requirements. Where relevant gluten and dairy free options will be provided. None of our recipes include eggs. However, please do note that kits are put together in a kitchen that handles nuts, eggs, soy, gluten & dairy. Please get in touch if you have any questions or other requirements and we will do our best to help.

Are your kits suitable for people with allergies & intolerances?

Whilst we provide a gluten & dairy free option wherever possible & do everything we can to ensure there is not cross contamination, please note that kits are put together in a kitchen that handles nuts, eggs, soy, gluten & dairy. They are therefore not suitable for someone with severe allergy/intolerance.

For what age are Diddy Diners Delivered kits suitable?

Our kits are designed for children between the ages of 2 and a half and 10. Obviously younger children will need more help (though you may well be surprised with just how much they can do). Children older than 10 may well enjoy the kits too. After all, cooking good food can be fun at all ages!

Do I need to buy additional ingredients?

Our Fresh Kits contain almost everything you will need. The only extras will be liquids, which annoyingly we can't send via courier. However we will make sure that they are things that you will either already have at home or that are incredibly easy to get hold of (e.g. oil, honey).... you will be sent the details the week before your kit is despatched.
Our Dried Kits contain all of the dried, long-life ingredients, leaving youth source the fresh/liquid additions at your convenience. A shopping list will be emailed the week before despatch and will also be written on the outside of your box.

When will my kit be delivered?

Diddy Diners kits are delivered nationwide on the second Thursday/Friday of every month.

How long do the kits last?

Fresh Kits have a shelf life of at least 4/5 days if you refrigerate the fruit & veg upon delivery. The kits are designed to be used within that timeframe but if you want to use them at a later date you could always freeze the fresh ingredients or use them for something else and re-buy when you are ready.

Dried Kits have a much longer shelf life of at least 3 months. However, please note that Diddy Diners recipes are seasonal so it may be tricky to get the exact fresh ingredients if a season has ended.

Are you a sustainable brand?

We think this is such an important question that we have given the topic its own tab which you will find at the top of this page.

I've subscribed but need to change the delivery date/skip a month.

Firstly, thanks for subscribing. It's no problem at all to skip a month or change your delivery date. Just get in touch in the preceding calendar month and we will be happy to arrange.

Do the kits require any specialist equipment?

No. Diddy Diners kits have been designed in a way that minimises any requirement for specialist equipment. Things that you might need include standard crockery & cutlery, a chopping board, mixing bowl & spatula, measuring spoons, scales, scissors, muffin tin and papers. You will never need a blender or food processor.

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