Diddy Diners - The Journey So Far...

Diddy Diners provides information & creates opportunities to help families eat well.

Hi, I’m Josephine Fernando, Diddy Diners’ founder, qualified AfN Nutritional Coach, fussy eating expert, teacher & mother to two incredible Diddies. 

I am also lucky enough to be Co-Founder of 2 incredible projects, both of which help children enjoy food, without pressure to eat.

Raising Adventurous Eaters is an on-demand, 13-part fussy eating course and 

Stroodles Activity Kits packages foodie activities as gifts and as party bags.

Since its inception in 2018, Diddy Diners, like many businesses, has taken a few twists and turns both in its appearance & in its offering, as a result of adapting to societal & economic changes.

However, two things that haven’t changed (& are the reasons behind Diddy Diners’ birth) are:

a) My interest in, and curiosity about food; the flavours, its role in cultures & societies as well as its nutritional content & resulting interaction with our bodies.

b) My love of teaching, working with people & sharing information that benefits others. 


Given the changes mentioned above, I thought a brief history of Diddy Diners’ journey thus far might be useful.

2014 & 2016: Our children (AKA Diddies) were born, over time becoming more & more interested in food though not without a significant period of fussy (we call it “adventurous”) eating for both.

2018: Diddy Diners launched, offering fun & educational parent-toddler & after-school cookery classes as well as fussy eating workshops for parents.

2020: Covid stopped in-person classes so we moved online and set up a subscription delivery service so that children & families could keep cooking, learning & having fun. 

2022: A review of the business & reflection upon how to maximise social impact resulted in Diddy Diners collaborating with Stroodles to create foodies products and Caroline Rowett to write & produce Raising Adventurous Eaters, a fussy eating audio course.

2024: Stroodles Activity Kits are selling in retail, available at Fenwick‘s and Selfridges amongst others. 

Eco-party bags are also in high demand and we have new products launching in Autumn.

Raising Adventurous Eaters‘ has helped numerous families and been proven to work in reducing fussy eating.

A range of fussy eating and meal planning packages are available. 

Monthly newsletter shares recipes, tips and info with subscribers. 

Exciting new projects in the pipeline. Watch this space!!

Thank you for reading. I really hope that you will connect with us in one way or another if, and when we can be of assistance. If there is something that you think we could help with, not listed above, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Big, healthy love from my family to yours, Josephine x  

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