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Diddy Diners - The Journey So Far...

Hello lovely people and thank you so much for visiting this page. Below you will find the story of Diddy Diners so far. Hope to hear from you soon, Josephine x

Diddy Diners has been in my head for many years. Ever since having my own children (AKA Diddies!) & taking a break from my much loved role as a Secondary School Teacher I’ve been thinking about it… planning it… trying it… adapting it…

Long story short, I have always had an interest in food, cooking and nutrition & have become increasingly convinced about the direct link between what we eat and our levels of wellness. I don’t know about you but I know for certain that when I eat tons of fresh, unprocessed foods and a heap of brightly coloured fruit & veg I feel WAY better than if I don’t. And then I sleep better, communicate better, work better, look better… the list goes on…

Then I had children and realised that it was super important to me that they ate well – to maximise wellness yes, but also so they didn’t miss out on all the wonderful flavours and culinary experiences.

While our Diddies were small I spent a silly amount of hours searching for nutritious recipes, trying them out & experimenting with new concoctions. Along the way the Diddies were sampling (always being the harshest of critics of course!) & I was talking to them about the ingredients’ nutritional content and consequent impact on their bodies. 

They were SO engaged and asked many questions to find out more. This led to us all spending a lot of time in the kitchen together, preparing meals, playing silly food games or doing ‘snacktivities’. I’ve always loved a kitchen gadget & it turns out so do my children. Genetically predisposed perhaps?!

Over time, their understanding and appreciation of nutritional impact meant that they were soon asking from more fruit and vegetables and tasting many different food types. My eldest once remarked that she thought healthy food would be ‘yucky’ but then knew that to be completely wrong. Another time, she suggested that we should aim for a minimum of 8-a-day of fruits & vegetables. ‘Why limit ourselves to 5?” she asked. Now we use chalk pens to see if we can write 30 different fruits/veggies on our windows each week.

As well as having a lot of fun & enjoying their ever increasing palates, it was also very clear to me that our Diddies were benefitting socially & educationally from being in the kitchen. Cooking was helping them to grow in confidence, become more independent, think through mathematical concepts, be creative, consider food chains, be interested in growing food etc etc etc…

Anywayyyyy (I really could talk about this forever)… but what you really need to know is that it was from here that Diddy Diners was born, initially to deliver parent-toddler and after-school extra-curricular lessons in our local area of Surbiton, Surrey. I absolutely adored running these classes, watching Diddies grow & flourish right before my eyes. It is honestly AMAZING what children can do isn’t it? Even from the age of 2 and a half, Diddies were grating, cutting, mixing, spreading, counting, pouring, decorating, measuring, mashing… and so much more. 

Through these classes I was lucky enough to meet lots of brilliant parents, grandparents and other carers, many of whom asked me about whether I had any advice for their children who were being ‘fussy’ around food. As it turned out, yes I did! Both of our children went though the fussy ‘phase’ (& still do now from time to time if I’m honest) which combined with some extensive research and backed up by a qualified nutritionist meant I was able to deliver workshops & information booklets to help parents with ‘fussy-eaters’. 

However, as we all know, early in 2020 Covid restrictions made non-essential contact impossible so, like many businesses, I had to move everything online. Thankfully Zoom lessons worked well & feedback was fab. However, I kept thinking about how I could reach more families and really bring the Diddy Diners cooking experience into homes. 

I really wanted to find a way to help busy parents be able to cook & explore healthy food with their Diddies in a fun and convenient way. I really wanted to share the joy of cooking with children, without the consequences of them being full of refined sugar at the end of it. I really wanted to share some of my recipes & ideas with you. I really wanted to help you to show your Diddies that good food is both delicious & nutritious. And so Diddy Diners Delivered was born. 

So… that’s it so far… I really hope that our Diddy Diners Delivered: Healthy Cooking & Food Exploration Kits make cooking with your child(ren) a positive, educational and fun experience. We always love to hear feedback so please do get in touch through our homepage with any questions, thoughts or ideas.

Big, healthy love from my family to yours, Josephine x   

Diddy Diners
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