Diddy Diners

Seasonal Recipe Collection

This recipe pack includes a folder that contains the last 12 months worth of  seasonal Diddy Diners’ recipe booklets AND some of the extra bits that Diddies will need to follow the recipe and craft instructions.

Each of the 12 Diddy Diners booklets is highly educational, beautifully illustrated, includes 2 printed recipes, links to cook-along videos and activity/craft pages. Many of the booklets are based around a cultural event. For example, November’s booklet teaches about Dia de los Muertos, (Day of the Dead) in Mexico.

All recipes are free from refined sugar, packed with nutrients and based around seasonal fruit and vegetables.

The extra items included with the pack are; small cookie cutter, pop out ice cube tray, butterfly pea flowers, templated card, regular card, washi tape, lollipop sticks & cocktail sticks – all of which are  needed for recipes/craft activities within the booklets.

The recipes included are: Courgette Rudolph Brownie Bites & Sprout Crisps, Apple and Carrot Cookie Cakes & Magical Noodles, Beetroot Oat Bites 2 Ways & Beetroot Crisps, Veggie Soda Bread & Carrot Apricot Jam, Parsnip Choc Iced Muffins & Parsnip Chips, Sweet Potato Falafel Balls & Fruity Tomato Couscous, Rhubarb Cake & Veggie Creations, Strawberry and Chocolate Quesadillas & Peas in Pods, Blueberry Flapjacks & Plum Power Oats, Vietnamese Noodles & Summer Rolls, Pear Witches’ Hats & Magic Witches’ Brew, Mexican Taco Cups & Tomato Salsa.

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