Diddy Diners

Special Christmas Garnish for Diddies

17 December 2021

As the festive break for Diddies begins, I thought I’d share an easy, fun and exciting way to make their drinks extra special.

Usually the content created for Diddy Diners subscription kits remains exclusively for use by Diddy Diners subscribers, but in the spirit of generosity, today I bring the mocktail garnish to you.

Click here to see how you/your Diddies can make a pretty, spiral garnish using an orange, a peeler and a butter knife (ordinary cutlery knife). What you put in the glass is completely up to you though if you’re looking for inso, some cranberry/orange juice with a piece of star anise looks really festive.

I’d really love to know if you give this a go, so please do comment below & tell me how you get on.

Wishing everyone a calm & joyous festive period.

Sending lots of healthy, nourishing love to all.

Josephine X

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