Vietnamese Summer Rolls & Dipping Sauce

14 June 2022

Hello! By popular demand, please find the recipe for Vietnamese Summer Rolls and Dipping Sauce below.

The ingredients to go inside the summer rolls can obviously be switched according to taste but it’s ideal if you use brightly coloured veggies, fruits and herbs – not only will they look pretty but they’ll also ensure a range of vitamins and polyphenols, thereby packing a nutritional punch.

And I’m SO excited for you to try the dipping sauce! The children in after-school club were eating it with a spoon!

And….. there are not 1 but 2 added bonuses!

1) You will see that there is a QR code linking through to a video that I filmed with my children & niece last year.

2) At the end of the recipe you will find a quiz for Diddies to complete.

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Huge healthy love from my family to yours, Josephine X

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